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Eric Millot (Spaghetti Western Medley) Eric Millot (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

*Dedicated to the four-time French National Champion and FIRST person, man or woman, ever to land the triple loop-triple loop combination!!!*

Latest Information

More new pictures added! Ten new photos from Leah Adams (including those to the right) and Kim Thorpe have been added to the Photo Gallery. These include pictures from 1996 Skate America, 1997 Worlds, 1997 U.S. Pros, 1997 Gershwin On Ice, and the 1997 World Pros. The Photo Gallery also has a new layout which hopefully will make it look a little bit better than before.

If you know of any information about Eric that's not on this site, please let me know!

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Last updated on March 23, 1998

The pictures at the top of this page are © photos by J. Barry Mittan.